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Wesson News PO Box 1028 Wesson, MS 39191 Volume 7, Number 7 “Good News You Can Use” July 9, 2019 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID WESSON, MS PERMIT NO. 3 INSIDE: Community Calnedar .......................... 2 Sports Shorts....................................... 3 News Nuggets...................................... 5 Meet Your Neighbor........................... 10 Area Arts............................................. 11 Living Healthy .................................... 14 Back to School Pages 1,13,15,16 601-835-2661 750 Hwy. 51 SE, Brookhaven MS (next to Bobby's Alternator & Starter) Family owned and operated: Ryan, Candice, Josh and Sissy Strange. GUNS · AMMO · ACCESSORIES · ELECTRONICS · JEWELRY · PET SUPPLIES · TOOLS · APPLIANCES & LOTS MORE Open Monday-Friday 8 am-5pm Sat 8 am -12 noon. Come see us! Like us on Facebook! By Bob Arnold In line with public school enroll- ments expected throughout Missis- sippi, Wesson Attendance Center (WAC) anticipates a decline during the 2019-20 year. "We expect about 960 students to enroll compared to upwards of a thousand in previous years," says WAC principal Marilyn Phillips. "It will affect the amount of state mon- ey we get to operate, but most other schools are facing the same enroll- ment declines and budget cuts. It's due to a reduced population of chil- dren in kindergarten and the lower elementary grades." The lower enrollment will also knock WAC athletic programs into regional competition below its level the past few years when bigger en- rollments kicked it up the ladder to face larger schools. The 2019-20 school year begins in Wesson on Monday, August 5. This month, WAC will register new stu- dents entering all grades. From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 25, and Tuesday, July 30, parents and guardians of prospective students can register them in the high school library. These new students include those who have been home schooled or attended other schools. "All students attending WAC must reside within its district or have been WAC expects a decline in enrollment By Bob Arnold A Co-Lin conference last month brought together more than one hundred women of all ages to inspire, educate and empower them towards achieving their goals where ever they are in life -- pursuing diplomas or degrees in school, rearing children as mothers, striving for success in careers or making contribu- tions as volunteers. Dr. Channing Wells, owner/optometrist of Wells Vision, LLC, and motivational speaker and writer Barbie Bassett, a me- teorologist at Jackson's WLBT-TV, were featured speakers at the college's first Grit and GraceWomen's Conference. Wells talked about finding a purpose for her life after her husband, a deputy U.S. marshal, lost his life in a Baton Rouge shootout in 2014. She and her husband had bought property to build a dream house, had a child on the way and were plotting their careers together at the time. "I needed to find a new purpose at age 27," she said. The child with whom she was pregnant provided her purpose. "I found out it was a boy and made up my mind to bring it in the world healthy and give him the life he deserved," she said. "I went back to work right away, resolved not to wallow in depression and suffer a miscarriage. I gave birth to Josey Wells, Jr., built the home for him that his father and I had planned, and then quit working for others and started my own business. I moved forward with a purpose." Drawing on Biblical stories about im- mobilizing fear that affected Jesus' dis- ciples following the beheading of John the Baptist and during the severe storm before Jesus walked on water, Bassett Women explore grace & grit to succeed Wesson News Co-Lin President Jane Hulon welcomes Dr. Channing Wells (left) and Barbie Bassett (right) as guest speakers at college's first Grit and Grace Women's Conference. Wesson News Dr. Barbara Roberson, assistant principal, Marilyn Phillips, principal, and Ronald Greer, high school principal, are planning the 2019-20 school year at Wesson Attendance Center. WAC staff and personnel are accessible by telephone, fax and email: Principal Marilyn Phillips. marilyn.phillips@copiah.ms Assistant Principal Dr. Barbara Roberson. barbara.roberson@copiah.ms High School Principal Ronald Greer. ronald.greer@copiah.ms Guidance Counselor Stephanie Allen Elementary Counselor Ginger Heard High School Secretary Gwen Shannon Elementary Secretary Aretha Butler Nurse Michelle Berch Bookkeeper/Secretary Paula Smith & Jacque McCormick (also Records Clerk) High School telephone: (601) 643-2221/2222 Elementary telephone: (601) 643-2295 Fax: (601) 643-2458 or (601) 643-5838 cont. on page 9 cont. on page 6