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Wesson News PO Box 1028 Wesson, MS 39191 Volume 7, Number 12 “Good News You Can Use” December 10, 2019 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID WESSON, MS PERMIT NO. 3 INSIDE: Meet Your Neighbor............................. 3 Teacher of the Month .......................... 5 Community Calendar .......................... 6 Area Arts............................................... 8 Living Healthy ...................................... 9 Sports Shorts..................................... 11 Christmas Meditation Page 10 Don't leave Wesson to Christmas shop Old Time Christmas features Santa Special to Wesson News You can breeze through Wesson in a car on Highway 51 and not realize you have passed by a Christmas shopping mecca. The few visible merchants -- Ace Hardware, Family Dollar, Dollar General -- belie what is also here: Sev- enty vendors under the roof of the Mill Town Mall -- one of the few remaining industrial buildings that housed vast tex- tile manufacturing facilities in the Nine- teenth Century. Busy B's -- a clothing retailer that may be the best kept secret in town at Salon 51. Gift shops likeAn- other Time. . . .Another Place, located in an unassuming building on a side street, the retail space at Porches Restaurant, or Little Dixie Sutler, situated in a small barn next to a Victorian style home out- side the commercial area. The fact of the matter is you don't have to leave Wesson to do your Christmas shopping. "We have everything on your Christ- mas shopping list," asserts Melissa Meredith at Mill Town Mall. Located in the center of downtown Wesson on Highway 51, the mall has a full house of vendors. Meredith ticks off a long list of possible gift available through them: Imperial and Old Timer knives, collect- ible coins, glassware, jewelry, including handmade items; leather goods, furni- ture, pottery. Special to Wesson News Santa Claus is coming back to Wesson to help mind the kids while the adults shop. The occasion is the second annual Town-sponsored Old Time Christ- mas this coming Friday evening at the Wesson Old School Community Center. Santa will be the center of at- tention for the kids who come along with the adults to the event that will start at 6 p.m. and run until 9 p.m. Town Clerk Angela Hester, who is putting together the December 13 event, persuaded Santa to return to Wesson from the North Pole a week following his arrival in the Christmas parade and meeting with children af- terwards at the Wesson Volunteer Department station house on Spring Street. "We'll be serving hot chocolate and cookies to the kids while they wait to visit Santa, and giving them post cards to write reminders of their Christmas gift wishes to Santa, which they can drop in a mail box for him to take back to the North Pole," Hester reports. If that's not enough to occupy the kids, they can also decorate a tree at the event. Meanwhile, Hester is still lin- ing up vendors for adult shoppers. She will continue recruiting them into the day of the event and is ex- pecting to have at least twenty-five vendors on hand to occupy the adults, as well. Vendors, who have already com- mitted to participate in the event, will be selling baked goods, monograms, Mill Town Mall is a good place to start shopping, but don't stop there. You can also find gifts at: Busy B's on the north side of Highway 51 at Factory Street. Vera Boyles oper- ates it at Salon 51, and features a wide array clothing for infants and toddlers -- dresses, play suits, jumpers and gowns -- and juniors -- pageant and prom dresses. Salons. At Salon 51, Boyles also offers gift certificates for her salon services and hair care products, which she says make good stocking stuffers. On the west side of Highway 41 at Spring Street, Angie Wade at Mill Town Salon and Spa also suggests hair care products and gift cer- tificates for manicures, pedicures, mas- sages and hair care services. Another Time. . .Another Place . A Wesson retail institution on the south side of Mill TownMall on Spring Street. There, Janet Currie maintains a unique gift shop, which stocks its shelves with quality, relatively low cost items, includ- ing local arts and crafts, necklaces and other costume jewelry, candles and yard art, among other unique bargain gifts for Christmas. Currie also makes one-of-a- kind custom-made wreaths and florals and provides free gift wrapping at the shop. National retail chain stores . Dollar General is also on Spring Street, where Posh skin care products, knives, Nor- wex cleaning supplies, handbags, ornaments and plates commemorat- ing the season and Paparazzi jewel- ry, among other gift possibilities for Christmas. They will be largely lo- cals. "It should be a joyful occasion for all," says Hester. "With Santa on hand to visit with the kids, it should also be a relaxing shopping experi- ence, making for an old time Christ- mas without the stresses of Christ- mas in the Twenty-First Century." Wesson News Steel Outdoors owner Dwayne McLemore suggests an outdoor battery-powered bike as Christmas gift for hunters. cont. on page 4