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A List of Dog Breeds for Single People

Being single is sometimes quite lonely, especially if you live alone. You have no one to share your woes with at the end of the day or keep you company when indoors on that boring weekend. However, owning a pet can take a lot of those sorrows away. If you’re a dog lover, you may never feel as if you’re missing out a lot by being single. Your canine “best friend” will always cheer you up when you’re down, keep you jovial, and keep you company.

Well, dog parenting is never a walk in the park, but these cute little furry friends bring a fulfilling feeling in our lives along with lots of fun and rewarding life experiences. Also, different dog breeds have different lifestyle requirements, especially when it comes to nutrition, exercise, temperament, veterinary care, and so forth. Before picking a puppy friend, the folks at say that it pays to get as much information as possible about that particular breed. At the very least, you should know the best food to feed him, how to exercise him, where to get health assistance, and diseases or illnesses the breed might be more prone to.

When choosing the right dog breed based on your preference and lifestyle, other questions you may ask yourself include:

  • How much time are you away from home?

  • How much exercise will the dog need?

  • What you are looking for in a companion?

  • Where do you live?

As you seek to answer these questions, here is a brief list of dog breeds single people may consider.

1. Pugs

Pugs are perhaps the most flexible dogs. They adopt new environments very fast so if you move a lot and like to take your dog with you, you can never go wrong with a pug. They are inactive and would cause no disturbance, making them a great option for those who lead an apartment lifestyle and love pets. A pug can also make an excellent travel partner.

2. Basset Hounds

These are loyal dogs. They are down for whatever with the owner and no matter what, they’ll stick by you! This is such a distinctive feature that you will lack in most humans. They drool a lot, but hey, if you want a well-mannered relaxed dog, you can never go wrong with a bass!

3. French Bulldogs

Thanks to his very charming personality, the French bulldog makes a perfect companion for single dudes and chicks. They are fun to be with: an assurance you’ll never get bored around them. However, they are not good at heavy exercises. This dog has a flat face, which could lead to breathing difficulties when subjected to extreme exercise. They are a perfect choice when you want to stroll in the malls.

4. Schnauzers

Sometimes called the noisy dogs, Schnauzers tend to bark a lot at literally anything that looks out of the ordinary. This makes them superb as guard dogs. They are also extremely cute and are fun-filled, which makes them a perfect friend to kill the boredom with. Moreover, they’re quite active and smart, making them a great companion overall.

5. Labrador Retrievers

These are the loving dogs, which attract attention everywhere they step their paws. They always get excited around new people, so these goofy happy dogs make new friends everywhere they go. You can never have a boring lunch date with them – they strike a passerby and, whoop, a conversation starts!

6. Dachshunds

Commonly known as wiener dogs, Dachshunds are known to be loyal and make great watchdogs. They are easy to care for, with low dog grooming needs. They are not as active but a walk in the neighborhood will be good to keep them healthy and entertained. They can also do well in apartments because they are small in size.

7. Jack Russell Terriers

Why make workout time boring when you can have a pet for a workout partner? The Jack Russell Terrier can be a perfect match for a workout master. If you devote time in your schedule to work out, get this dog breed, and your workout life might never be the same again. Jacks are small but energetic, making them an active companion for that jog and walk.

Common Reasons People Keep Dogs

Some people are introverts by nature and would prefer animals to replace human friends in their life. No problem with that. No one will judge anyone for keeping a canine because we all have our addictions, personalities, and preferences in life. All the same, some of the most common reasons people keep dogs include:

  • Adventure

  • Security

  • Lifestyle

  • Companionship

The dog is known as man’s best friend for a good reason. What’s more, your canine companion will never betray you. As long as you train him well and take good care of him, he’ll be by your side no matter what. The good thing is that if you’re single, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dog breeds you can keep. All the same, “he who the cap fits, let him wear it”, said Bob Marley.

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