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You are one talented and gifted person – no doubt.

When He tucked you into your mom’s womb, your Creator handed you some abilities that are expressly yours. You may be one who socializes easily, able to talk the horns off a billy goat. Or you could be gifted with the ability to effortlessly make and manage money. You may be a tremendously talented artist. Maybe easily having sweet little babies like an assembly line is where you shine. Teaching may your slot. Or you may be able to repair anything that exists.

I don’t have any idea who you are – but I do know everyone has gifts.

But how are you using yours? Just because you are really good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing it – the way you are doing it. There is the right way and there is ‘abusing what you have been given.’ There are always two ways to go with your talent. And I do mean always.

Are you just being friendly with others, or are you gossiping? Simply making money, or cheating at it because you know how? A wonderful artist creating wholesome work or, um...otherwise? Giving strong leadership or all-out bullying? Having babies, but then not truly parenting?

If you haven’t yet found your gifting yet, you will at some point in your life. Also at some point, you will be tempted to use it wrongly. Typically, that temptation involves a desire for money, fame, or power. And it takes prayerful determination to doggedly cling to a decision to “Use what I have in a good way.”

Want an example extremely close to home for me? I could be writing smut right now, and making money from publishers who are willing to use my words to line both their pockets and mine. I could have wielded a microphone on the sleazy stages of nightclubs, instead of churches across our country.

A social expert needs to be constantly self-aware of crossing the gossip line. The financial guru has to back off from crossing the no-no line of ethics. Mechanical geniuses and teachers have their own temptations when it comes to their work. And the artist? You can be a wholesome creator, or you can give in to the temptation of the sensational. A baby-maker on steroids? You better make certain that you provide love, discipline and time for each of those babies.

Folks, my point is this. Find your gift of God. Determinedly hone it to where it holds a fine sharp point. Ask your Creator to keep you accountable for how you use it in life. Then use it. Use it well. Use it as a major part of your life, but use it in a way that doesn’t cause you guilt and shame at the end of the day. Make certain your Maker looks at you with pride, because you used His gift to you to make life worthwhile for yourself and others around you.

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