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By Bob Garver


Being a dad involves a definite fact. Your kid craves and needs your attention.

Some do more than others, but make no mistake, every child from your loins needs you to want to spend time talking and being together. To know what he enjoys, and also to be very aware when something is causing a problem in his life.

The failures of the dads in this world who refuse to take their job seriously and fail horribly, are not recorded for billions of people to read. Oh yes, their kids certainly know, and the entire family and friends watch it all unfold, but not the entire world - for centuries. But authentic and historical records tell us of one good ol’ dad whose tragic parenting style was recorded for all the generations to come.

Centuries ago, a well-known king was not the best role model for aspiring best-in-category Dads of the World. Three of his enormous group of off-spring got tangled up in a horrible web of rape, hatred and revenge. One son raped his step-sister, another son killed that brother in revenge for the sister, and then fled for his life. And Dad? Well, seems King Dad didn’t get very involved in the lives of his kids, and certainly didn’t display much concern over this terrible family conflict.

But finally, Dad started getting droopy-drawered about his kids not being around. To the extent that his right-hand man decided to locate the king’s missing son and bring him home. He was finally able to locate the young man and convinced him that it was safe to return. But the next two years went by, and King Dad never acknowledged his son’s existence. Even though his son repeatedly requested to speak with him.

Finally, the frustrated and angry son took matters in his own hands. He burned the barley fields of his dad’s friend. Talk about an attention-getter.

The owner of the field came running and angrily asked him the reason for the arson. The sullen reply was, “I need to talk to my dad, and this seemed a likely way to accomplish that.” It definitely accomplished it. He and dad talked but nothing was really resolved, leaving things much like before. Finally, the son gave up and declared war on King Dad, trying to tear the kingdom from his hands. This tragic family conflict ended when the bitter son lost his life while fleeing from his dad’s army.

All this because King Dad did a lousy job of being an involved, caring, and emotionally available father to his children.

Dad, there is nothing in life that can substitute for time with you. The foundation of your child doesn’t have the strong underpinnings it needs without you. The result of your neglect will likely be a hurting adult.

Want to read this true story for yourself? Read II Samuel, chapters 13 thru 15 of the Bible.

Protect your kids… and your barley fields.



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