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  • Charles Fortson, Jr.

Dump apple pie

By Guest Cooking Columnist Charles Fortson, Jr.

Apple pies and apple cobblers are country delights.

Here’s a fast, easy way make a dessert that can compete with the best of them. Twenty minutes preparation time, 45 minutes cooking time, and you can serve up a treat that you’ll have a hard time saving, with folk coming back for more.


1 can of apple pie filling

1 large can of uncooked cinnamon rolls

1 cup of chopped pecans

1 stick of butter

1 box of butter yellow cake mix


1. With thin layers of butter, wipe down a medium size baking pan with sides.

2. Place the uncooked cinnamon rolls in the pan and roll them out from side to side (a little should go up the sides of the pan).

3. Spread the apple filling evenly over the rolled out cinnamon rolls.

4. Spread the chopped pecans over the apple pie filling.

5. Spread a nice thin layer of the cake mix over everything.

6. Cut butter into 1/8-inch slices and place them over the top

7. Preheat over for 350 degrees

8. Cook for 54 minutes.

9. Cut in small pieces so you have enough for everybody. It’s addicting!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Charles Fortson, Jr., is proprietor-chef at Uncle Ray’s across from Lake Lincoln State Park. He makes lunches and dinners to take out or for table service, while also operating a convenience store and bait shop at his Sunset Road location. Follow his cooking tips on Uncle Ray’s Facebook page or call 601-643-0174 to check on his daily specials.


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