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Garbage service fees going up

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Starting October 1, Wesson property owners will be paying more for garbage service.

The rate will jump from $15 to $20 per month because general inflationary pressures have escalated overall costs, according to Town Clerk Angela Hester.

The increase will show on monthly water bills sent to Town property owners.

In addition to the garbage rate hike, water rates will also increase – a standard increase Town tax payers see every year, Hester said.

“By law, the Town must increase garbage rates when expenses exceed operating revenues for sanitation services,” Hester explained. “We cannot cover increased costs from other funds. Nor can we run deficits in providing garbage services.

In addition to approving garbage and water rate increases, recent Town Aldermen actions included:

  • Maintaining the 35.53 millage rate tax levy during the 2023-24 budget year.

  • Purchase of property owned by Dr. Lee Nichols adjacent the municipal park for $7,500 from a portion of Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Hometown grant monies upon survey of the land.

  • Opening two public works department positions to hire workers.

  • Sending a letter notifying owners of a 1028 Factory Street property of its “dilapidated” status under Mississippi Code 21-19-11.

  • Tabled decision on a municipal park entrance sign at Beech and Church Streets pending quotes.


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