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Guest Announces Website to Help Parents Find Baby Formula

Guest Announces Website to Help Parents Find Baby Formulay

In response to the nationwide shortage of baby formula, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) has launched a crowdsourced website to pinpoint businesses that currently have baby-formula in their stock.

“We’ve heard from mothers, fathers, and caregivers across our state who have searched for formula but cannot find it in their local store. I know Mississippians, and I know they want to help. This website is a tool that any Mississippian can use to help identify available formula.”

The website, Central MS Formula Finder, offers options for Mississippians to enter in the location of businesses that offer formula and what brands they have in stock. The information is then used to populate an interactive map that can be accessed by individuals searching for baby formula. They can click on the location to see the address and brands.

Mississippians can also take pictures of baby formula on shelves and email the photos along with the store name and location to The photos will then be uploaded to the website so people can view specific details about the formula in stock at the store.

The office of Congressman Guest is also asking local businesses to self-report when they restock their shelves by using the form on the website.

Currently, 37 locations have been identified with available formula. Of these, 14 are located inside the Jackson Metro area and 23 are located in other towns and cities across the Third Congressional District.


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