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Renie wanted a gorgeous new flower garden. So she spent some time picking the brain of a college educated agriculturalist. A man who had spent years as a high school teacher in that field. Plus, for the last ten years after retirement, he and his wife had a “hobby” - working their own small truck farm. He had qualifications galore for knowing when, what, where, and how to plant just about anything.

So now she was ready. She knew exactly what plants she wanted to have in her flower garden, and where, And how to care for them. The expert had briefed her on the best environment for her plants. Fertilizing, watering, and amounts of sunshine were included in the tutorial.

So far, so good.

The morning came when they both began the process of digging holes and planting. (Well, in the interest of full disclosure - Renie mostly directing, Andy digging and planting.)

Renie, sweetly: “Honey, these have to be right here, ‘cause they need morning sun, but they can’t take the scorching heat of the afternoon. And don’t forget to sprinkle the fertilizer in the bottom of the hole each time!”

Andy, cheerfully: “Okay, sweetie, you were the one who talked to the expert, so whatever ya say!”

This process went on for quite a while, her directing with him patiently digging, fertilizing and planting. But as the hours went by, and the day’s heat increased, so did the conversation.

Renie, exasperated: “Andy, I thought I specifically said this plant had to be placed in full sun! Look at it! Here it is only 1:00 P.M., and it’s already in the shade!”

Andy, muttering: “I can specifically tell you where I’d like to place that plant, and it would be in full shade!”

But finally, all was done, and it looked great. Every one of those babies were in the perfect location, fertilizer in the holes under them, watered well, and lookin’ good! Weeks went by, and they flourished, with deep green leaves and beautiful blooms beginning to show.

Then it began.

A wilted leaf here, a drooping bloom there, Then those pretty blooms started hitting the ground, and those wilting leaves began yellowing. And finally, everything was acting as if autumn had hit a couple of months early, the garden looking like the end of October.

What in the world? Yep, you’ve probably guessed it by now. Too much of a good thing…fertilizer.

Folks, anything can be carried to excess and cause the exact opposite of its intended outcome. Dessert gives a great touch to meals, but too much leads to bad endings. Working extra hours is admirable, except when you take on so much that the kids begin to ask Mom what Dad looks like. Building up your credit score is a great idea – but without monitoring your spending, it’s gonna backfire on you.

Plan, execute, and enjoy. Important stuff. But correct dosing is pretty important too.


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