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Do this one. (If your spouse is a bit squeamish, then best accomplish this without them being in the kitchen) Catch a live toad. Fill a large pan with cool water and place the pan on the stove. Put the toad in the pan and then turn the burner on to low heat. The innocent soon-to-be-in-danger toad will sit contentedly in that water, never dreaming that his nice, personal paradise will begin to heat up and his lovely new home will steadily turn into a personal pit of death. He will sit there enjoying his little pond, not recognizing that is getting warmer, then entirely too warm, and then eventually will cook him to death.

Reminiscent of us contented humans. We have sat in a slowly-heating pan of tolerance and acceptance, where ‘anything goes’ and where absolutely nothing is deemed as wrong anymore. While we have been blissfully swimming in the nice warm water and enjoying ourselves, our play water has been steadily warming, and now seems to be reaching the cook-you-while-you-laugh point.

So many do not sense the coming danger. Have we reached the point-of-no-return? Is our consciences and our moral compass so damaged by the play water that we as a nation can no longer grasp that there is a wrong and a right in the eyes of our Creator?

We definitely need a bucket of ice thrown in our pan. And some have been trying, but unfortunately, we can’t seem to throw in enough ice to cool things off. Sermons have been preached, parents lecture and discipline, concerned teachers attempt to guide, and speeches have been shouted by conservative political men and women in our government system, all clearly alarmed at the direction we have taken. The result? Absolutely no change in our downward spiral. No, that sentence is incomplete. It should read, ‘Absolutely no change in our headlong dive, it’s as if we are now being pushed downward by a twelve-million-ton locomotive.’

But why? Why do we no longer heed words of caution – words that earlier generations regarded as valuable wisdom? Today most people have the defiant attitude, “You ain’t the boss of me, and I’m free to do as I please!” Well, yes, to a degree, I would agree with them. No person holds any more worth than another, worth which would give them authority over another in this world of humanity. Not one of us is God. So in that sense, they are free to rebel against society and do as they please.

But human worth is not the issue when it comes to ‘Who is Boss around here.’ The only issue is this: There really is a God. A God who is the Creator of everything that exists. And that makes Him the Boss. A Boss who wrote a Letter a long time ago, telling us how to behave and what He wanted.

And allowing that twelve-million-ton locomotive to destroy us is not what He wanted.



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