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BRAG art show highlights month

Area Arts
BRAG includes artists who encourage each other.

It’s May, and that means the art shows and contests are in full swing.

Hazlehurst just completed a successful month of art shows and the Mississippi Music Museum opened on a limited basis.

Now Our friends at the Brookhaven Regional Arts Guild have announced their annual competition, and it promises to be huge. Artists from all around the area have submitted works to be judged with the Best in Show, receiving a prize of $150. Other cash prizes are available, as well.

This year, the exhibit will not only be viewed online but in person at the Thames Conference Center on the Co-Lin campus. Entries include acrylics, oil, watercolor and pastel paintings as well as mixed media, drawing, photography, digital and 3D design. All work must be original. The show will be up until May 28.

The competition will be judged by a professional artist. Usually, there about 125 entries from artists all across the area.

There were a few years the Annual Art Competition didn’t happen, but it has been held for roughly twenty years, and has grown into one of the region's most respected competitions.

Co-Lin art instructor, Janet Smith is the current president of BRAG. Its website is, where you can view the annual show and learned about its Artists of the Month and what its members are doing.

While the annual competition is open to persons 18 years old and up, younger artists are not left out. BRAG Jr. was begun in 2012, open to students K-12. Membership is $25.00 annually and includes free entry to competitions, access to BRAGjr Zone and a monthly newsletter. BRAG stated goals are to preserve the art of the area and encourage it. An offshoot of the Brookhaven Trust, it was established when a group of ladies got together each week to paint. I have written about them and the Art Barn where they work in a past article. They chose the word “guild” for BRAG because it suggests craftsmen with a mutual interest who encourage one another.

That’s it for this month. Outside restrictions are being loosened. Get out and enjoy all that is going on around you. Until next month, support the arts.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Shaw Furlow is a local composer, musician and arts promoter. He produces an internet-based video show -- From the Shadyside -- that spotlights area musical talent and is a consultant to school bands in the region.



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