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Canopy Children’s Solutions (Canopy), Mississippi’s largest nonprofit provider of behavioral health, educational and social service solutions, will be planting blue pinwheel gardens this April to promote Child Abuse Awareness Month. These pinwheels serve as a visual reminder that everyone in a community must work together to end child abuse.

Canopy’s South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center (SMCAC) collaborates with multidisciplinary teams to streamline the process of identifying, investigating and prosecuting cases of child abuse. By working with law enforcement, Child Protection Services, mental and/or medical health professionals, and many other organizations, Canopy provides a wide range of services to help children and their families overcome extraordinary challenges and to thrive.

 “In order for children to have the trauma that they experienced resolved, they need people like Canopy’s South Mississippi Child Advocacy team to help them along the way,” says Sabreniee Wright, Director of Canopy’s SMCAC. “There is hope when children have access to therapeutic resources and can begin healing.”

This April, Canopy encourages everyone to do their part in protecting our children. Mississippi's 24-hour child abuse hotline (1-800-222-8000) allows any person who suspects a child is being abused to file an anonymous report. If you see something, say something. The physical, mental and emotional well-being of abused children relies on adults who will advocate for their safety and healing.

Wright continues, “Our team goes above and beyond every day to make sure children and their families are getting the justice they deserve. Helping children is a passion.”

For more information on Canopy Children’s Solutions, visit their website at:


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