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Community center serviceability improving

Community center serviceability improving
Wesson Old School community center.

The Town of Wesson is spending $300,000 it received from the State of Mississippi to repair and update the Old School Community Center and plans to focus on increasing it use for municipal events and intensify its efforts to get community organizations use the facility.

“We want it to be used as it was intended to be used – as a community center,” Wesson Alderman Mike King told the audience at the Chamber of Commerce awards program last month.

Two ways the money is being spent reflect the focus on increasing its use: creating a preparation area for caterers with kitchen equipment and renovating and updating the second floor for users. “The lack of catering space and the second floor functionality are two of the biggest problems potential users of the facility cite,” King said.

King pointed out that the comprehensive renovation is addressing both exterior and interior needs – repairing columns on the porch and floors, outdoor and indoor painting, updating the HVAC system and creating a bigger and better parking area.

At the same, the new police department building is just about ready for occupancy, King said. Because of delays in deliveries of computers and other equipment, the move-in date has been pushed back several times, he explained.

One-half of the new building will house the police department and the other half provides space for the municipal court. On the police side of the building, there will an area for the dispatcher and varied rooms for the diverse functions of the department.

“All and all, the Aldermen are working hard to make Wesson a better place to live,” King said.



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