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Copiah County gets MDEQ grants

Special to Wesson News

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has awarded Copiah County a solid waste assistance grant of $48,917 for unauthorized dumpsite cleanup and a solid waste enforcement officer program. The agency also awarded the county a $75,000 two-year waste tire grant to continue the local waste tire collection program for small quantity generators of waste tires.

“The Solid Waste Assistance Grants support a variety of useful solid waste management activities for cities and counties, and these grants will assist Copiah County’s efforts in improving its management of solid waste,” said Chris Wells, MDEQ Interim Executive Director.

Cities and counties may apply for Solid Waste Assistance Grants through the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. In addition to funding programs to prevent and clean up unauthorized dumps and hiring local solid waste enforcement officers, these grants are used by local communities for public education efforts on solid waste disposal and recycling; and to establish programs for the collection of white goods, bulky wastes and recyclables.

Funding for waste tire grants is provided by a waste tire account funded from a fee charged on wholesale of every new motor vehicle tire sold in Mississippi. This fee provides the funds to ensure and encourage the proper management and disposal of waste tires.

Information about on the grant program and other initiatives is available at


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