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Disney accepts Co-Lin culinary grad

Disney accepts Co-Lin culinary grad
Co-Lin culinary arts sophomore Sara Catherine Potter of Benton, Mississippi.,a graduate of Manchester Academy, has earned a paid internship at Disney World in Orlando, FL as part of the Disney College Program.

Co-Lin sophomore Sara Catherine Potter of Yazoo County has been accepted into the Disney College food service program in Orlando, FL. Potter is a Culinary Arts Technology student on the college’s Wesson Campus. She will graduate from Co-Lin this semester and head straight to Disney to begin her four-month paid internship.

“I have wanted to work at Disney for as long as I can remember,” said Potter. “I remember telling my mom at five or six years old that I don’t know, how but I’m going to work for Mickey Mouse one day.”

Although she doesn’t yet know which area she will be working in during the internship, she’s hoping for an area that she’s passionate about.

“I’ll be fine with whatever job they give me, but I am really hoping I can work in the confectionery,” added Potter.

Following the initial four months, she hopes to stay on as a staff member at Disney or possibly further her education to earn a bachelor’s degree with a goal to become a pastry chef with her own bakery. She reflects on her time at Co-Lin positively.

“I’ve had such a great experience in the Co-Lin culinary program with my peers, who I now consider friends, and Chef Rials, who is always there supporting us,” said Potter.

“My favorite part of the program has been trying new foods, learning new techniques and recipes, and meeting new friends…who I’m going to miss while I’m at Disney.”


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