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Dry weather increases fire threat

Dry weather increases fire threat

With dry conditions, low humidity and winds, fire risk – especially wildfires – is an ongoing threat in the area.

Burn bans remain in effect, and people should not attempt open burning of any kind. Because one spark can cause a fire, people should also exercise caution in using lawn mowers, bush hogs and chain saws; disposing cigarettes and allowing trailer chains to drag on roadways.

Already, trash-burning, bush hogging, grass heating up due to the muffler of a lawn mower and a squirrel chewing on a transformer have ignited fires in Lincoln County, where Emergency Management Agency Director Chris Reid is warning that he will issue citations for violations of the burn ban.

Firefighters and the Mississippi Forestry Commission fought a forest fire in Copiah County that consumed 49 acres at the intersection of Harvey and St. John Road in the Pleasant Hill Community on Weyerhauser Company property near the Homochitto National Forest.

Local volunteer fire departments say they can use more help with the threat of blazes looming.


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