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Gun Safety: Keeping Your Family Safe

Now, y’all know that this gun debate isn’t going to end any day soon, right? But let’s just hope that they do find an amicable way to sort it out. Because over the past few decades, the barrel has taken just too many of our beloved children, wives have been widowed, and husbands left mourning. Mississippi is among the states that you’ll not be required to have a gun permit, especially when buying a gun from private individuals, and in addition to this, there are no background checks done to individuals buying handguns. While the laws of the land protect you from the vices in the society, there are measures that you can take to protect yourself. But this shouldn’t be at the expense of others.

The world is a dangerous place with random acts of violence lurking everywhere. Mississippi is perhaps one of the states that understand the importance of vigilance and it’s only in Mississippi, where most people have shot a gun before they even drove their first car. Owning a gun is among the various ways you can protect your family from the aforementioned evils. But then again, you just don’t want to compromise your family’s safety with the same tool that provides them with security. In this article, we’ll be looking at various gun safety measures in your home.

1. Consider Investing in a Gun Safe

If you ask any baby boomer out there, it’s most likely that they rode bikes without helmets and drove cars without wearing seat belts. Life was good back then. Most households with guns back then had a “don’t touch” policy that worked magic! Today, this may not work for you. Kids today are inquisitive, nosy, and curious. You’ll need to do more than just yell “honey, don’t touch that gun! It’s dangerous for you”. Gun safes are a secure storage option for every gun owner. It will help to restrict unauthorized access to your firearm/s. With so many gun safe options to choose from, the ones that are made in America have more features, are durable, and come in different sizes that are ideal to accommodate long gun capacities; this is according to consumer ratings. When choosing a gun safe, consider options that provide top-notch security and durable construction.

2. Gun Safety Training

There are so many courses out there that cover the basic instructions on gun handling, but only a few will address crucial issues such as suicide prevention, preventing gun theft, and domestic violence. Ideally, it’s important that you involve your family in a course that covers these critical aspects. This way, they’ll be aware of both the benefits and the risks involved in owning a firearm. The idea is to prevent injuries and household deaths as a result of improper gun handling. Below are firearm safety tips for your home:

  • Treat all firearms as if they are loaded

  • Unload the firearm when not in use

  • Store your firearms in a locked cabinet and the ammunition in a separate compartment

  • Educate your family about firearms safety

  • Like medicine, store guns away from children’s reach – and strangers too!

3. Identify the Risk Factors

Owning a gun will automatically increase the risks of injuries and ultimately, death. But they are a necessity that you cannot live without especially if you’re a Jackson resident! Nonetheless, various factors might double the risks of owning a firearm. These include:

  • Depression

  • Alcohol/drug abuse

  • Bullying

  • Family violence

  • ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If any of the above factors are identified in your home, you must take stringent measures about gun safety such as counseling. The idea behind it is to save lives in any family set up and prevent injuries.

4. Kids and Gun Safety

As earlier mentioned, kids today are curious, inquisitive, and nosy. Sadly, guns claim at least a child’s life every other day. This is according to recent studies. This is a worrying trend, but one that puts great emphasis on the importance of gun discipline if you have kids in your home. Kids should never go snooping for guns whether at your home or your friends’ houses. In addition to this, they should never be allowed to touch a firearm, let alone see one hanging around unless it’s when watching a movie.

Most firearm accidents can be prevented when simple precautionary and safety measures are carried out in households. Every homeowner needs to respect their firearm in ensuring that it’s secure when not in use to prevent firearm misuse and accidents.


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