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  • Kathryn Johnson

Hang out opens at Co-Lin

By Guest Columnist Kathryn Johnson


Wolf Den, the ultimate hang out spot, has begun offering food and fun on the Co-Lin for students, faculty and the wider community.

After many years of renovation and construction, the building formally housing the campus’s Grill will now hold Co-Lin’s Wolf Den. Vice President of Business Affairs Richard Baker explains the Wolf Den is intended to be a gathering place for students on campus, but it will welcome others looking for the unique atmosphere there.

“In the last couple of years students have had no options anywhere to do anything on campus,” Baker points out. “We are trying to remedy that.”

The Wolf Den boasts 25 wide screen TVs, 3 gaming stations, a pair of pool tables, a signature smoothie bar, and a high-end rotating lunch menu. Aladdin Foods Nutrition Expert Leah Embry, Manager of the Wolf Den, plans an extensive menu and an impressive lineup of her own signature smoothies and loaded teas. “It is going to be overrun for a few weeks,” Baker predicts.

Although the Wolf Den will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., meals will be served at lunch and purchased with either a Co-Lin meal plan or debit card. During opening hours, customers will be able to purchase signature milkshakes, smoothies, loaded teas, and hand dipped ice cream served with a variety of toppings.

Pushing for a fun, energetic atmosphere, Baker assures that “I want students and other patrons to know that they can come, they can laugh, they can come as a group, they can enjoy each other, they can enjoy having time together. This is going to be something that people will enjoy and a place where a lot of great memories are made. I think I’m going to look back on my career here and say that this is maybe one of the coolest things I’ve been a part of.”

Not only will the Wolf Den provide kiosks and an all-new Order Eat app to increase order efficiency, but it also will incorporate Co-Lin’s first Wolf Bucks that could be used to purchase food on campus. Although Baker plans to allow Wolf Bucks to be earned through a campus group or received from an award, every student on campus received an allotted amount with the opening of the Wolf Den.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kathryn Johnson is a journalism student at Co-Lin and writes for Wolf Tales at the college.


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