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Local joins Wesson Team

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Brookhaven resident Angie Love Delaughter joins Our Hometown Paper news team, a trust media source spanning across the state in 10 newspapers, including online news coverage.

Delaugter believes newspapers and newspaper websites are the most trusted sources of information.

"I want to help businesses grow. That is basically why I got into advertising. I love people...I love to talk with them...I want to be part of seeing their business become successful," said Delaughter.

According to a 2023 local newspaper study conducted by Coda Ventures, 74% of Americans believe that having a newspaper in their community is important for providing much-needed news and information.

"...and I think that percentage is even greater in small towns like Wesson. There is a big sense of community here. Everyone reads the newspaper in Wesson. Everyone looks forward to the day it's "hot off the press!" That's another reason I am excited to be working in advertising for Wesson News," said Delaughter.

Delaughter sells advertising for the other hometown papers as well such as Clinton Courier, Pelahatchie News, Florence News, Pearl News, Long Beach Breeze, Pass Post, Bolton News, Canton News, Richland News, and the media company's newest venture, the quarterly statewide magazine called Mississippi Monitor.

In the same study, results showed that more than 147 million Americans (56%) report that local advertising helps them decide what brands, products and local services to buy.

"I love that Wesson News is free to everyone," said Delaughter, comparing other newspapers and their paid subscriptions.

Wesson News distributes 5,000 newspapers with an estimated 10,000 total readership per month.

"As the paper has grown, the needs have naturally grown, too," said Delaughter. Mansell hired Delaughter in March.

"Statistics don't lie. The majority of people still want their news from accurate and reliable sources, and that means original news reporting in small towns," said Delaughter.

Since local newspapers continue to inform local audiences about its government, events, activities, accolades, local sports, and more, each issue is a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind labor of love for the community.

"Why wouldn't you want to be part of something that profound?" said Delaughter.

Contact Angie Delaughter for your advertising needs at


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