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MDAC Launches New Online Employment Portal for State’s Agriculture Community

MDAC Launches New Online Employment Portal for State’s Agriculture Community

Today, Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson announced the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) is launching MS AgWorks, a new online employment portal dedicated to connecting Mississippi farmers and ranchers with potential employees.

“Now more than ever, we are experiencing shortages in supply chains, transportation of products and labor force,” said Commissioner Gipson. “Our agency is committed to supporting Mississippi’s agriculture community, and MS AgWorks is a new tool that will assist in bridging the gap between agribusinesses and farms needing employees and those seeking jobs. I encourage all Mississippians looking for work and our employers in the ag industry to take advantage of this new opportunity.”

As Mississippi’s largest industry, agriculture is responsible for employing nearly 20% of the state’s workforce. Workers are in high demand in every aspect of the industry, from loggers, truck drivers, orchard workers and farm hands to salesmen, teachers, business managers and front desk cashiers, technicians, mechanics, welders, and more. MS AgWorks is an online marketing portal that connects those seeking employment with a range of job opportunities at various agribusinesses and farms across the state of Mississippi. Job postings will include internships, full time positions and temporary worker positions. The MS AgWorks website can be accessed at where anyone looking for work can upload their application materials, and any business or farm that has an employee opening can post jobs. MDAC staff will make the connection between employer and applicant so that further communication and interviews can be scheduled.

For more information on the new MS AgWorks online employment portal, contact Gayle Clark at or 601-359-1139. Visit to learn more about the various programs offered by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce.



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