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MDOT encourages bike and motorcycle safety

MDOT encourages bike and motorcycle safety

From unicycles to 18-wheelers, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) encourages safety in all vehicles, and this month, two-wheeled vehicles are in the spotlight. May is recognized nationally as “Bike Month” and “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.”

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nice weather, so you may see more motorcycles and cyclists on the road. At MDOT, we want to remind drivers to share the road with bikes and motorcycles. Let’s help everyone reach their destination safely.

Cyclists and motorcyclists should follow these tips for a safe ride: 

  • Before you leave, check your bike for proper fit, maintenance and tire pressure. Check brakes, headlights and signal indicators on motorcycles.

  • Plan to be seen. That means wearing bright clothing or utilizing reflective tape. Use lights when riding at night.

  • Always wear a helmet; it could save your life. They're also required on Mississippi roads.

  • Follow all traffic laws. That means riding in the same direction as traffic, using hand signals for turns and obeying traffic signs and signals.

If you’re behind the wheel of a car, follow these tips to keep cyclists, motorcyclists, yourself and others safe: 

  • Before you leave, adjust your mirrors and know your blind spots. Bikes and motorcycles are smaller than vehicles and can blend in with traffic. Check twice for bikes!

  • Leave extra space between your vehicle and cyclists and motorcycles; don’t follow bikes too closely. By law, motorists should leave a distance of at least three feet between their vehicle and cyclists.

  • Be nice. It is unlawful to harass, taunt or maliciously throw an object at or in the direction of any person riding a bicycle.

  • Pay attention. While you can't control how others drive any vehicle, you can anticipate traffic changes, allowing you to respond at a moment’s notice.

Regardless of the vehicle, everyone traveling on Mississippi roadways should be mindful and respectful of others. Always obey speed limits, avoid distractions and never drive impaired.

For more bike safety tips, visit and follow @MississippiDOT on Facebook and X, formerly Twitter.


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