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Messy park needs citizens’ help

“Moonlight, Music, and Meteors” Event at LeFleur’s Bluff State Park

Wesson Municipal Park is a busy place where children frolic in a newly resurfaced splash pad and enjoy other playground delights, and families and town groups utilize a pavilion for special events such as birthday parties, and different kinds of get-together. Unfortunately, it all leaves a mess that the town’s public works department has neither the time nor manpower to address adequately.

“It takes a town to keep a park clean,” Town Clerk Angela Hester.

The events in the pavilion generate lots of trash, and much of it does not finds its way to garbage barrels. Even though the park is a smoke-free facility, people not only enjoy a cigarette while sitting on a bench and throw the butts on the ground. Restrooms get dirty.

“The park is a nice place, but the town needs the help of park users and citizens who care about it to keep it nice,” says Hester. “The town can’t do it alone.”

While park users need to assume responsibility for the their messes, Hester is calling on citizen volunteers. “Pick up trash and put it in receptacles,” she says. “If a garbage bag needs to replaced, don’t wait for town public works personnel to do it. If you see people smoking in the park, remind them it is smoke. Ask people nicely to respect the park’s facilities and help keep them nice for people to enjoy.”


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