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‘Mr. Lake Lincoln’ dies fishing

Special to Wesson News

A passionate fisherman who had frequented the waters of Lake Lincoln for four decades to relax and relish rewards of his favorite sport died last month what he enjoyed doing most where he enjoyed doing it, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reported.


The body of Luther Vaughn, known to his fishing buddies as Flaky, was found during the morning hours on the waters of the lake where he came just about every day after he retired from logging.  Sheriff’s Department officers responding to the call quickly concluded there had been no foul play, and his death was attributable to a medical condition, probably a heart attack or stroke.


Vaughn, who lived near the Co-Lin campus not far from Lake Lincoln, was on its waters, usually fishing off its bridge or piers from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. every day.


The 65-year-old was up early and got to the lake when its surface waters were cool, and he could catch bass, but he said “I take the bream, catfish and crappie that populate the lake as well.”


Flaky, who his fishing buddies nicknamed “Mr. Lake Lincoln,” fished at nearby waterways in Pike and Franklin Counties, but Lake Lincoln, which he watched being built, was his favorite place, and was there when it opened in 1984.


For Flaky and his wife, catching and eating fish was a family affair.  Often his wife would accompany him to the lake to fish, but Flaky did all the preparation and cooking.


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