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Steps You Should Take on Becoming a Nurse

If you find yourself as being compassionate and caring, you might have a personality that is perfect for a career in the field of medicine or healthcare. Nursing is one of the most demanding career fields but is one of the most fulfilling and admirable jobs out there. There are many paths you can take to reach your goals of becoming a nurse, so it is important to take the necessary steps and be prepared on your way to working as a nurse.

Step 1- Understanding your passion

Before you even get started on any other steps on your way to becoming a nurse, you need to first know if this is the right career for you. Nurses, at their very core, are caregivers and must have a passion to help people. The job won’t always be glamorous, will oftentimes be messy, and frequently feel as though you are underappreciated. It may all be too much and cause you to second guess your career choices. This is where the passion for your work will push you to continue to do good things for those in your community. If you have that care and passion for people, then you are looking at the right path.

Step 2- Research career paths

Once you know that this is going to be a career for you, you will then have to begin to do your research. You need to look at all the career and job options while evaluating what works best for you. Not all paths will lead in the same direction and that is okay. If you want to become an RN, or Registered Nurse, or LPN, a Licensed Practical Nurse, you will have to commit to several years of studying and practicing. Understandably, this is not the path for everyone. For those that do not have the time or money to dedicate to a more traditional path, but still want to help and provide health care, you can pursue a career as a Home Health Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant. The online resources at provide all the information to prepare for the career you are interested in that include a lot of helpful details regarding the best classes, programs, and schools. Not everyone has the same life path, it is never too late to work in health care and there are many programs, classes, and jobs that you can find fits your life.

Step 3- Find the school or classes that are right for you

Once you have decided on which path to take to pursue your passion of becoming a nurse, you need to look into different schools and classes. This will factor in many things that consider your lifestyle, what you can handle in terms of school workloads, and your end goal for your job and career. Certain schools and programs may even provide work placements and better opportunities to advance further and faster in your career field so include that in your research when considering your desired program. Additionally, it is also wise to look into bursaries, and financial help and aid as some programs will provide such support.

Step 4- Knowing the requirements

Before committing to any program, or class, understand what requirements are needed. Similar to job applications, certain courses require students to have the right qualifications. Make sure that you have these qualifications, and if not, you should take the time to fulfill these needs. If you are deciding on a career in nursing, this is a major commitment and such a commitment should be met with the right preparations.

Step 5- Completing your courses

Once you’ve gotten into the course, program, or school of your choice, it is up to you to complete that program. These courses will range in terms of how long you will be studying depending on which path you chose. But no matter, you will have a lot of work and studying ahead of you, so it is important to be persistent and focused. Your passion and care for people will only take you so far, your ability to learn and perform will determine your success and ability to move forward. All the information and practices will be vital to your future and for your career.

If you have ever considered working as a nurse, you probably have the traits of working with people and caring for others. There are many other things to consider, but you are not alone. There are many resources out there to help you on your way. Keep in mind some things to know before you pursue your passion but being better equipped and prepared will help you reach your goals easier.

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