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Our country. Home sweet home. The United States of America since 1776. To us citizens, it is the best country in the world. At least, to the citizens who still believe in the values of our great, great, great grandparents’ ancestors who started this country years ago.

Values like loving and following our Creator. Working hard and loving even harder. Being independent enough to provide for ourselves, and compassionate enough to diligently care for others. Making the wellbeing of our neighbors a big priority in our life.

A wonderful example of such compassionate and selfless giving of time and attention to others is the men and women who call continually to show their concern for the health of our automobiles. These good-hearted people must willingly make a habit of missing their own meal-times, in order to place phone calls across our country. Meals in every community are interrupted so that graciously offered extended warranties can be repeated. Coverage guaranteed for anything that might happen to our automobiles is enthusiastically offered. Car-Measles, Truck-Flu, Motorcycle-Covid, you name it, that dude on the other end of the phone says his insurance company will offer an extended warranty for it. And observing their own Sundays as a time for them to rest and reconnect with family? No way. Their work phone surely must be glued to their ear even then. Now folks, THAT is thoughtfulness and selflessness at its finest.

Another marvelous sampling of the patriotism and love for all citizens of this country?

The endless television ads attempting to contact possible victims and promising us justice. This is proof that the lawyer community in our beloved country is willing to work ceaselessly on our behalf, trying to make certain that each of us have a date with an attorney and a judge at the courthouse.

I must say, they are an inspiration to us all.

And never forget the commercials from pharmaceuticals informing us of a cure or symptom relief for every possible obscure disease known to man. These fine, upstanding companies evidently have an unbelievable dedication to helping us with our every ache and pain. The emotion that I feel when I think of them is almost overwhelming.

Last but not least, as a citizen of this fine country, I stand amazed and astonished at the 24/7 attention of our country’s politicians. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that most of these men and women in our nation’s capital burn the midnight oil, providing ways for working Americans to have a plethora of guaranteed opportunities to spend our hard-earned income.

Caring for the people of this country - I am absolutely convinced that is the motivation of our entire nation today. I mean, what else could be inspiring the off-spring of citizens like Susan B. Anthony, Benjamin Franklin, Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, Davey Crockett, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Amelia Earhart, and so many others?

Surely not self-centered gratification and greed.

Happy Birthday, USA!



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