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WGC reaches radio audience

WGC reaches radio audience
: Pam McLemore (left) and Cheery Head debut Wesson Garden Club radio segments.

Wesson Garden Club (WGC) members Cherry Head and Pam McLemore kicked off the club’s debut on local radio.

The club’s radio segments, which will be broadcast as “Polly’s Garden,” will be on Brookhaven Broadcasting Inc.’s WBKN B92.1FM and WMJU 104.3FM.

In the first radio segment, Head and McLemore talked about the Monarch Butterfly’s pollination of plants and its importance to the environment.

They also invited listeners to visit Wesson’s Fountain Garden Park, a pollinator garden, to view the beautiful butterfly sculptures painted by Wesson’s local artists, Richard Hoaglin and Mitch Berch. These sculptures were made possible through the Club’s partnership with Wesson’s Steel Outdoors, Inc. A recently added feature to the garden park is the “Monarch Butterfly Wall” installed by WGC’s Jennifer Peets.

More “Polly’s Garden” moments are coming with gardening tips, WGC says.

The Wesson Garden Club is a member of The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc., National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., Natchez Trace District-Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.

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