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4 Reasons Why Married Couples File for Divorce

Marriage is a fascinating contract. It’s based on the idea that you will meet a person, fall in love, and keep that one person reasonably happy until either of you die. That, as a contract, has more variables and possible pitfalls than one might initially imagine. Yet, it is a staple in global culture and widely accepted almost universally. Of course, there are many success stories. Some of us know couples that have been together for 50 years. They could be our own parents or grandparents. But that route may not be for everyone. People get divorced for a multitude of reasons. All are valid in the scope of human nature. Here are the top four reasons why people file for divorce.

1. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is unfortunately a common reason for divorce. Usually, when an individual succumbs to the disease of addiction, the other is left shoulder in the responsibilities that would otherwise be their partner’s. Expert lawyers, as explained in this URL, say that it’s common for the first intervention to be a conditional stay. Divorce from substance abusers or alcoholics is usually the last and final effort to salvage one's own well being. These are particularly painful, because of the amount of energy spent trying to help. One party is almost always exhausted beyond reconciliation.

2. Money

Another common reason for divorce is financial woes. According to divorce lawyers, it is rarely the actual money that causes the problem. It is the added strain of keeping the relationship, on top of having to deal with the expectations of making and maintaining a certain amount. It can also be due to different “financial styles”. There are individuals who like to spend their money right when they get it. They feel as if they should treat themselves. Others are less cavalier with their spending. Mix the two together and one has a deep incompatibility relating to reward systems.

3. Domestic Abuse

On the darker side of divorce, domestic abuse is a massive issue. In a situation like that, one that many law enforcement officers say is the most unpredictable and dangerous, the divorce is a final act of necessity. Oftentimes, one party feels as if they can patch it up. If the other is in agreement, usually the relationship lasts. Unfortunately, so does the abuse. In domestic violence cases, victims are often scared that they'll be stalked and handed further. Divorce, in this situation, becomes an act of bravery.

4. An Extramarital Affair

The number one reason for divorce is an extramarital affair. Because of the nature of traditional marriage, an affair is a direct affront to the contract. A lot of the reasons for extramarital affairs are very human. Feelings of neglect, emasculation, anxiety, and isolation can all lead to that decision. Because of that, we often turn our sights outward. We keep secrets. It is all too common.

Divorce can be painful, but there are people willing to help. There is legal counsel that has your best intentions in mind. Marriage is complex. Marriage is hard. There are situations in which it should be dissolved. And if one were to arrive at that conclusion, there are resources available.

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