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$40K women’s foundation grant

$40K women’s foundation grant

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi has awarded Co-Lin a Bower Scholars Health Care Grant in the amount of $40,000 for a new initiative to help support students -- the Helping Healthcare Wolves to Workforce Success Program.

Helping Healthcare Wolves to Workforce Success Program seeks to help increase access to quality healthcare in the wider community by training and graduating nursing and auxiliary medical program students and, at the same time, and decreasing their educational financial barriers

“When faculty, directors and counselors speak with students about challenges for completing a degree/credential the underlying issue is often financial,” notes Co-Lin Dean of Academic Instruction Dr. Stephanie Duguid.

The grant funding will be available to assist nursing and auxiliary medical program students on all three Co-Lin campuses who are pursuing Associate Degrees in Nursing, Practical Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, EMT/Paramedic, Medical Radiologic Technology and Respiratory Care Technology. The target population for assistance is women in nursing and related auxiliary medical programs, although men can apply for aid as well.

Using an application process, Co-Lin will require fund recipients to have valid financial needs, provide supporting documentation, and share how funds will positively impact them. Students must be in good standing with the college to receive financial support.

The program will begin in the Fall 2022 semester. Students will be able to apply for financial assistance, such as stipends for program fees, books/supplies, uniforms, exam vouchers and, in some cases, childcare, transportation, gas, and utilities. Within the context of the program and the limited resources it can make available, Co-Lin will also provide financial literacy guidance and encourage recipients to plan, with the long-term goal of preparing them for independence and success.


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