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Aldermen hike police pay

The Wesson Board of Aldermen has jacked up the pay of the town's police officers.

Base pay of full time officers is now $35,000 -- a $2,500 raise -- and the Assistant Police Chief's salary will go up $2,000 to $37,000 with Chief's pay remaining at $40,000.

In other actions, the Aldermen:

  • Accepted resignations of Keith McElvin, a full-time police officer, and Chad O'Quinn, the former Police Chief, who returned to serve temporarily as an officer; and terminated Brandon Williams as an officer.

  • Decided to continue its contract with Copiah County to handle garbage collection and address communication issues with county officials rather than negotiate the town's own contract.

  • Approved a low-speed vehicle ordinance based on state law that will regulate golf carts on town streets. The ordinance requires a one-time $25 ownership fee, police inspections of vehicles for properly working headlights, taillights, mirrors, among other things; and drivers to be licensed.


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