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Army National Guard thanks Wesson Police Department

Army National Guard thanks Wesson Police Department
Wesson Police Chief Chad O'Quinn (left) accepts thank-you gift from Army National Guard.

The Army National Guard (ANG) thanked the Wesson Police Department (WPD) for its assistance in producing its first ever Career Day with a unique memento of appreciated -- a personalized track pad from an Abrams tank stenciled with the department's name, the Mississippi National Guard logo, and a description of aid provided by WPD and the date of the event.

The Career Day on the Wesson campus of Co-Lin earlier this year was an interactive event highlighting a host of Guard careers with actual equipment and subject matter experts.

The ANG needed to coordinate closely with WPD and required its assistance in addressing a number of logistical issues to convoy in materials and supplies for the event.

Sergeant First Class William Gentry from the ANG presented the track pad Wesson Police Chief Chad O’Quinn.