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Eco system is meeting focus

Eco system is meeting focus
Guest speaker Phyllis Harris at Wesson Garden Club meeting.

Wesson Garden Club (WGC) members learned how to bring more birds, bees and butterflies to their yards and improve the overall eco system in the process at their October meeting.

Phyllis Harris, Backyard Habitat Chairman for Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc., shared her insights at the meeting, providing tips on plants that can be incorporated in landscaping to attract different species that create a better environment.

Those attending the meeting at the American Legion Post 79 building were Rebecca Norma Carroll, Sherri Carty, Sonya Cowen, Sherry Davis, Cherry Head, Debbie Hoaglin, Denise Jackson, Camille Johnston, Pam McLemore, Ashley Munn, June Owens, Pam Owens, Jennifer Peets, Marilyn Phillips, Jean Ricks, Debbie Smith, Lisa Smith, Dixie Thornton, Brittney Warren, and Joy Wesbrooks.

Wesson Garden Club members reviewed awards received at district meeting.

At the meeting, members also discussed awards received at WGC at the Natchez Trace District Fall meeting, including District Club of the Year.

Sherry Davis, Ashley Munn, Jean Ricks and Brittney Warren provided refreshments at the meeting.

WGC is a member of The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc., National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., Natchez Trace District-Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.

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