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Four join WPD

Four join WPD

On the recommendation of Police Chief Chad O'Quinn, the Wesson Board of Alderman has added four beefed up its law enforcement personnel with the addition of four officers:

  • Garrett Starkey, who is returning to the force as a full-time officer;

  • Robbie Douglas, also a former WPD officer who is coming back in a part-time position;

  • Blake Wallace, who is joining WPD part-time;

  • James Norwood, a new full-time officer in training who will be attending the Mississippi Police Academy.

In other actions at its May meeting, Wesson Aldermen approved travel of Mayor Alton Shaw, Aldermen and Town Clerk Angela Hester to the Mississippi Municipal League Conference June 27-29 at Biloxi and Police Chief Chad O'Quinn and Officer Tim Stevens to the Mississippi Police Chiefs Conference June 13-17 at Biloxi.

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