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Happy New Years Resolutions

When a year comes to a close and a fresh year is set to begin, we naturally begin to reflect. We reflect on what went right, what was not so great, what worked, what did not work, and so on.

If 2021 has left you feeling depleted, or like you did not quite achieve what you set out to, you are not alone. For many, it was not quite the year they had in mind. However, taking time to reassess and set some realistic goals can be a way of moving forward in a positive manner.

Think of 2022 as a Happy You Year! Reflect on your current health, nutritional, activity status, and more. What are your realistic and reachable goals you would like to work towards? Now is the perfect time to start setting yourself up for success in 2022.

For many years, it has become tradition to make New Year’s Resolutions and goals that last for a few weeks, and then get thrown aside. In fact, 80% of people give up on their resolutions by the second week of the year. The problem is that many resolutions are unrealistic and poorly executed with no preparation. Change that and make some plans that will last! Try setting attainable, sustainable 2022 New Year’s Resolutions and goals.

Why do we set goals? We all set goals for a variety of reasons. Our goals are usually a combination of these:

  • Finding motivation

  • Improving your current situation

  • Getting through your “wish list” or “to do list” in life

  • Helping get to your next step

  • Keeping yourself accountable

Where do you start? And how do you actually make them fun, so you are more likely to stick to them? Here are 20 small changes you can make to effect a big difference. Try one or more that find attractive. You never know, they may even become a permanent part of your lifestyle:

1. Try One New Recipe Per Week

2. Try Making One Smoothie Per Day

3. Try a New Style of Fitness Each Week or Month

4. Establish a Simple Meditation Practice

5. Read One New Book a Month

6. Drink an Extra Cup of Water a Day

7. Declutter That Problem Area Once a Week

8. Take a Walk Each Day

9. Sanitize Your Phone Every Week

10. Eat a Snack Before You Grocery Shop

11. Put Your Phone in a Different Room While You Work

12. Build a Gratitude Practice

13. Compliment Yourself Every Day

14. Start a Wind Down Routine Before Bed

15. Take a Social Media Detox Once a Month

16. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

17. Add Extra Fruits/Veggies to Your Grocery Cart

18. Laugh Once a Day

19. Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones Once a Week

20. Try a New Journal Prompt Every Day

If you are eager to crush your 2022 goals, that excitement will help motivate you when you need it most. Go for a resolution you can count on; small, achievable, and fun! Be sure to reflect monthly to check your progress, make some adjustments, and even to refocus.

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Stephanie Duguid is Dean of Academic Instruction at Co-Lin. She is also an athletic trainer and nutrition specialist and has been teaching courses related to those two areas as well as practicing what she preaches for more than twenty years.

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