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Hester Certified Municipal Court

Hester Certified Municipal Court

The International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) has designated Wesson Town Clerk Angela Hester a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC).

“The CMC is more than a pin, a certificate and three letters at the end of a name,” IIMC Certification Manager Kellie Siggson told Hester. “It is a declaration that you are proficient in your important position and that you have demonstrated mastery of administrative skills critical to good government.”

For the CMC, Hester attended extensive education programs in which she earned 60 points toward the designation and demonstrated pertinent experience in work as Wesson Town Clerk to earn another 50 points.

IIMC, which established the CMC program in 1970, says it prepares designees “to meet the challenges of the complex role of Municipal Clerk by providing quality education in partnership with institutions of higher learning, as well as State, Provincial and National associations.” The program is designed to enhance the job performance of the Clerk in small and large municipalities alike.

Hester earned her new CMC designation over the past six years, and now plans to continue working over the next four years toward the 60 advanced education points and 40 professional contribution points she needs to become a Master Municipal Clerk (MMC).

“The working environment of a Municipal Clerk changes every day with new laws and governmental change, and I try to keep up,” says Hester.


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