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Home Technologies that are Worthy to Invest In

Invest in a more connected home as it repays handsomely in the long run. Smart homes use technological advancements to make home management easier. It sounds like science fiction but smart-home technology is a reality nowadays.

There are several home technologies you can invest in to make your home better and more efficient. For instance, you can use a thermostat to turn on the lights, open garage doors, or set the ideal indoor temperature. With all the advances in home technologies to choose from, below are the vital ones worth investing in.

Smart Thermostats

When it comes to the home technologies you wanna invest in, like the thermostat, you also need to know how they work, sometimes that’s essential for making your decision. The HVAC system is the single biggest energy consumer and waster in a home. This happens mostly when you fail to turn off your HVAC system while heading to work or going someplace for an extended time. A smart thermostat saves you energy besides the cooling and heating costs.

Smart thermostats are compatible with various HVAC systems and you can tie it to your home WiFi to enable you to control everything from your smartphone or computer. You can change the smart thermostat settings, home temperature and track the home energy usage from your mobile device. Invest in a smart thermostat to make your life easier and save approximately 23% of your annual energy cost.

Water Softener

Invest in salt-based water softeners which turn hard water into soft-water effectively. This is important as it reduces scale buildup and extends the lifespan of your plumbing system and home appliances. Plus, the smart technology lowers the repair and maintenance costs of your appliances and plumbing systems.

In addition, you benefit from healthier-looking skin and hair. Also, you experience less staining on your glassware, sinks, fixtures, and toilets among others. The water softener gives you soft water that lathers easily with detergents and soaps.

Smart Sprinklers

Not everyone has installed an underground sprinkler system. Invest in a smart sprinkler system as it adapts well to weather changes and your watering schedules automatically and accordingly.

The technology saves you money on water bills as it won’t sprinkle water on your lawn, garden, or landscape when it rains. The sprinklers are easy to control using a voice command and an app. You can set your sprinkling schedule based on the yard condition to save water and keep the landscape and lawn looking green and healthy.

Smart Entry Systems

This home technology helps you protect your home. For instance, doorbells and smart locks come in handy as they increase your home security. Only you can unlock or lock the door remotely instead of giving your keys to the cleaning person or dog walker. Simply let them in using the smart lock and close up when they leave.

You can use this home technology to control your garage doors. The smart garage hub alerts you when the garage is open or in use and you can close or open it remotely. The smart doorbell live streams who are at the door and have two-way communication you can use to speak to the person at the doorway whether a visitor or package delivery.

The smart technology prevents theft and boosts your home security. You can program them to unlock or lock your door with your smartphone even over distances. It can also open your door when you are in close proximity using your smartphone.

Smart Power

It’s hard to tell how much power you use on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. However, with the smart power, you can peek at your power consumption and know your daily, weekly, or monthly usage. Smart power helps you track the appliances using more power both during sleep cycles and when in use.

You can connect it to your WiFi to allow you to monitor and know your energy expenses at home or your business. Some smart power models allow you to shut off appliances remotely. If you are away and forgot to turn off particular appliances when you left home, you can simply use the smart power app on your smartphone to cut off power to that appliance. This ensures your home is safe and doesn’t accidentally burn it down because of forgetfulness.

The smart power also controls the home like a musical instrument. It’s time you improve your energy usage by enhancing your security and some extra convenience.


Home technologies are innovations and inventions that make the home experience better. The technologies like water softeners ensure your frequent silting, plumbing system problems and maintenance or repair issues with home appliances are in the past. It’s good to invest in home technologies for extra convenience and improved home security.

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