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How Travel is Changing in the Modern Era

The world is changing so fast. From phones, computers, and lifestyle trends there is a lot that is uncertain and a lot to keep up with. The best thing about all of these changes is that many of them are happening in ways that are making our lives easier. It can be hard to see it at the time, but there is quite a difference between the average person's possibilities compared to just 20 to 30 years ago.

One such change in the modern era that is noticeably different is travel. Again, it might be hard to see it at first, but these examples of changes are sure to make you aware of how impressive modern travel truly is now.

Pet Travel

The idea of traveling with a pet has come a long way from unheard of to accommodating. Early travel was cramped and frankly dangerous for your pet as they could not be in the cabin of trains or planes, which has thankfully changed. One reason for this change is the growing need for therapy or service animals, and the experts at show how valuable these animals are for people. Modern travel has made it easy to accommodate passengers who need to have their reliable friend with them and it is certainly an overlooked but important change that has occurred in modern travel. Most importantly is that pet travel is also much safer too and animals are not being forgotten in unthinkable conditions in a plane or other vehicle cargo storage, which we can all be thankful for.

Borders and Security

Before, you used to be able to travel relatively uninhibited in many places because it was hard to keep track of everyone passing in or out of a country. Passports and identification still existed of course but the idea of border crossings was not as heavily secure as they are today. This does not mean that having security and protection is not a good thing, it is very important, but modern travel has changed in the way that we need these protective measures. These changes ensure that people coming into our country, and us going somewhere else, are who they say they are and can be accounted for.


Whether you are traveling by plane, train, bus, the amenities during travel have become very impressive. Many of these methods of transport, which has also improved, include in-flight entertainment like TV screens on the backs of seats to enjoy a movie during the flight. Some planes even have game consoles and other impressive features to keep you busy from the fatigue of travel. Food service is also improving greatly which makes a flight feel much more inviting than it used to be.

Hotel and Lodging

Hotels were the go-to option when staying somewhere, and for all intents and purposes they still are, but that is changing too in our modern era. While the principle of staying somewhere for a fee is still the basic concept of travel lodging, there are options like Airbnb and other rental property-like vacation properties. These have changed the game and created a more competitive market for travelers as they now have more choices instead of the typical hotel stay which used to cost hundreds of dollars. There are numerous apps or sites that offer similar services that have reduced the monopoly that hotels hold on travel accommodations. The benefit is that many travelers find these accommodations allow you to stay closer to the heart of a city or community, rather than in tourist destination areas.


Of course, it would be impossible not to mention a purely technological change that has allowed modern travel to grow in possibilities. Smartphones are one of the best changes to occur as they offer unprecedented value while away from home. They can double as a map, a dinner reservation tool, translator, GPS, compass, entertainment while bored, and information kiosk all in the palm of your hand. Smartphones have created a more understandable world because nearly any information you need is available to you right away.

Travel has come a long way and it is showing how far we may still yet to go. While the changes have been amazing, we have barely touched the surface of what our technology may do to improve upon what we have now. But, for what we can do now in terms of travel, things are pretty great. These are not the only changes, and there is more happening every day, but they are likely ones you have experienced or hopefully get to experience in the near future in your travels.


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