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Nowadays, identifying with a gender-and deciding to be that gender- rapidly seems to be becoming the norm. Some parents have decided, and actually encourage very impressionable young Juniors and Juniorettes to choose for themselves who and what they are. Nothing based on biological anatomy, but simply upon, “This is what I think and feel, therefore I am.”

Sure, we all want to act on what we think and feel. That is a natural tendency, as self-absorbed human beings. But does that make it okay with the Creator? The Bible is full of examples of people wanting to behave a certain way that wasn’t in line with what God wanted. And later on, finding they didn’t like the consequences of acting on their impulses.

Folks, think for a minute. Since when have we decided that we know more than the One who created us? Why would we let our emotions, our thoughts, and our situation determine how we live our life? Since when has our feelings become Truth? Just because someone decides to act upon a decision they have made, that doesn’t mean that their decision is based in truth. Just because a person states, “It’s my truth” doesn’t make it true. And it certainly doesn’t make the possible consequences of that decision any less negative.

For example, if I decide that I identify with camels and therefore I can live without water for the next fourteen days, that does not mean that I can do that. The consequences of that decision will be negative, I assure you, no matter what I choose to believe. No matter how much water I do not drink during that time, I will not be a camel. Just a super-dehydrated, very ill at best, human being, in need of someone to help me understand that my decision to identify with camels, and not people, was ill-conceived.

Oh, yes, we definitely are free to make choices. But we need to fully understand that when it is not a good choice in the eyes of our Creator, we will not like what happens in the aftermath. Just because someone makes a decision does not mean it’s right, plausible, possible, or allowable in the eyes of our Creator. Our Creator…. those very words carry all the weight. The weight is not in what you want to believe – contrary to what you want to believe. He gets to make all the choices, when it comes to gender.

A person can make all the decisions for his life, according to what he believes. True statement. But another true statement? There will be consequences, good or painful, that will happen from those decisions. Because the Creator is alive and well, and He alone has the right and the ability to bring consequences that He knows fits our decisions.

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