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Cheating – taking what you didn’t earn. Yeah, that’s a real self-esteem builder. “I’m not brainy enough or strong enough to do it myself, I have to ‘borrow’ from someone else.”

Stealing – So, you are the squirrel that doesn’t bother finding your own nuts. You’d rather follow your neighbor squirrel to his stash, steal it, and give it to your family. Real class act. Making your family so proud of you.

Violence – Now there’s a class act! Using brute force on someone else to get what you want. Might as well take out an ad in the local paper stating you know you are ‘less than.’

Sexual Perversion – Simple logic tells anyone that a bolt doesn’t fit a bolt, and a nut doesn’t fit another nut. God had it all figured out for us. Better to be alone and not offend your Creator.

Lying – You have to be one of those people who love the thought of standing stark naked on Main Street with a sign above your head reading “Liar.” Because Numbers 32:23 in the Bible warns, "You will be sinning against the Lord; and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.”

Adultery – Stepping outside your marriage for sex. An accepted norm in today’s world. But still, a guarantee of causing yourself pain in the future. Might as well take an axe to a leg or two, if guaranteed pain is your aim.

Drunkenness – Another of the many examples of stupidity and self-centeredness. Losing control of your own behavior and emotions. Not to say anything of the real danger you can cause to those around you.

Jealousy – Whine, “I want what she’s got.” You may want the same as what she has, but don’t make the mistake of wanting hers. So self-defeating. Grow up and just go work to get your own.

Idolatry – Putting anything or anyone in this world before the Creator of this world. If that’s your idea of intelligence – angering the One who created you and can snuff you out in a heartbeat, then go for it.

Entitlement – Expecting others to hand you everything you need or want, simply because you are you. Grow up and work for it, like a mature person. Using the people around you stinks, and that smell will eventually run them off. And then you are left alone to breathe in your own stench.

Bitterness – A real no-brainer! Go ahead, live your life hurt and angry. Drink that rat poison and expect the one who hurt you to suffer.

Gossiping – Are you deliberately trying to make certain you become the butt of gossip at some point? Because that is the end game of talking about other people behind their back. Fact: A good friend who is willing to gossip with you, is usually willing to talk to another good friend about you. Remember, a juicy piece of gossip about you is often just too good not to share.

Just asking you to think.



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