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Lincoln County Votes Back Into Medical Marijuana Act

New King's Daughters Medical Center Chief

Lincoln County has opted back into the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act by 184 votes in a special election in which only 2,593 of 21,140 eligible voters cast ballots.

The vote reverses the decision of the County’s Board of Supervisors which opted out of the Act, preventing the cultivation, processing, sale and/or distribution of medical cannabis within the county except the municipality of Brookhaven, where the city’s Alderman did not take any action and thus opted into the Act.

Although the margin in favor of the ACT was narrow in numbers, it was 53.5 percent of the vote. Bottom of Form After the supervisors opted out, a group called “Stop the Opt” initiated the special election with a petition campaign that gathered 1,500 voter signatures. The state has already granted three licenses for operations of three medical cannabis dispensaries in Brookhaven.

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