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Local artists craft special ornaments

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Wesson is participating in an initiative by Mississippi First Lady Elee Reeves to adorn the Governor’s mansion during the Christmas with ornaments crafted by local artists that highlight aspects of the state’s history.

Town Clerk Angela Hester is recruiting Wesson area artists to contribute to “Christmas at the Mansion,” which will be decorated within the context of “Mississippi Hometown Christmas” as the theme reflective of “the beauty that our towns and cities bring to our state,” according to the First Lady.

Hester already has four local artists committed to contributing Christmas ornaments and is inviting others to join them by a November 1 deadline.

“Wesson – the “Old Mill Town” which helped introduced electric lights to the South – has rich history that our many local artists can capture to display at the Governor’s Mansion during the Christmas season,” says Hester.

In announcing the First Lady’s initiative, the Governor’s Mansion reported:

“The Governor and First Lady are calling on artists, town and cities around the state to create and donate ornaments – which will be displayed throughout the Christmas season – that highlight the distinctive history, culture or story of their town, city or region.”


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