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May 28 National Poppy Day

National Poppy Day

May 28 is National Poppy Day. The red poppy symbolizes the bloodshed

protecting Americans' freedom. Handcrafted red poppies have been worn

by Americans since World War 1 to honor those who served and died for

our country in all wars.

Poppies are handcrafted by veterans with the assistance of unpaid volunteers. A veteran who donates five to six hours assembling the red crepe poppies can make as many as 2000, to 3000 poppies a week. More than 5.5 million dollars has been raised from poppies, 100% of the money raised is used to support veterans and their families. Poppies are distributed by American Legions and American Legion Auxiliaries; a donation is asked for the poppies - they are not for sale.

You can get your poppies at any American Legion. Poppie coloring books that tell the story of the Poppy and the Poppy poem "In Flanders Field The Poppies Blow" are also available by contacting Terri Knight or Anna Radell Weaver


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