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MDOT introduces “The Extra Mile” podcast

The Extra Mile

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) introduces “The Extra Mile” podcast. This podcast is aimed at taking Mississippi’s traveling public behind the scenes of transportation infrastructure in the state.

“There is so much that happens here at MDOT, especially behind the scenes, that many people never hear about; our agency has so many moving parts, from project planning and bidding, intermodal, traffic control, our digital messaging signs, and they all work together in different ways to keep the traveling public safe and moving,” said MDOT Executive Director Brad White. “We believe this podcast will answer many transportation questions and help Mississippians better understand how MDOT works.”

“The Extra Mile” focuses on ongoing projects happening throughout the state, MDOT’s role in severe weather, travel resources available for the public, technology’s role in transportation, work zone safety and much more. There will also be interviews with MDOT employees and leaders, and transportation infrastructure stakeholders outside of the agency.

MDOT Executive Director Brad White is the first guest on the podcast.

You can subscribe and download “The Extra Mile” wherever podcasts can be found. For more information on “The Extra Mile” click here.

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