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Members guide adult learning group

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR)) is a member-driven organization. Its 2022-23 officers are Tommy Sasser, president; Sarah Lloyd, vice president; Joy Wesbrooks, secretary; Nora Berch, associate secretary; Martha Lightsey, treasurer; Bettie Bullard, immediate past president; members-at-large Kim Whittington, George Huffman and Dian Summers.

Five committees manage the organization, develop its program and handle meeting arrangements:

  • Luncheon/Lecture. Bob Arnold (chair), Allen Cupit and Sylvia Buie.

  • Scholarship. Mary Ann Smith (chair), Diane Clopton and Sonya Cowen.

  • Decorating. Jennifer Templeton (chair), Sarah Lloyd, Melanie Dufrene and Colleen Bomesbach.

  • Travel. Suzanne Vaughn (chair), Cherie Langston, Brenna Smith, Lanell Strait and Martha Lightsey.

  • Finance. Martha Lightsey (chair), Marilyn Brown, Mary James and Lanell Strait.

  • Governance. Jean Ricks (chair) and Zoula Huffman.

  • Hospitality. Diane Clopton (chair), Sarah Lloyd and Linda Wall.

ILR program coordinator is Erin Johnson (, 601-643-8702).


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