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Mississippi Public Service Commission Holds January Docket Meeting

MS Public Service Commission

The Mississippi Public Service Commission conducted its monthly open meeting on Tuesday to consider and discuss matters pending before the Commission.

One item on the agenda focused on the establishment of a new docket for the purpose of reviewing the Mississippi Net Metering and Interconnection Rules. The Commission adopted the Net Metering and Interconnection rules five years ago, which contained a mandatory reopener provision. Today, the Commission moved to open a new docket to review the efficacy of the rules and will proceed with a thorough and comprehensive fact gathering process.

“This reopening allows utility customers, stakeholders, all utilities over which the Commission has jurisdiction, and other interested parties to intervene in this docket,” Commissioner Bailey said. “Any parties who wish to file written comments must file a motion to intervene within 20 days. A schedule for accepting comments will be announced in a future order.”

Additional items on the agenda included a net rate decrease by Entergy Mississippi. The net rate decrease is a result of adjustments to their Energy Cost Rider, Power Management Rider, Unit Power Cost Rider, MISO Rider, Energy Efficiency Rider, Grid Modernization Rider and Restructuring Credit.

“A residential customer of Entergy Mississippi using an average of 1,000 kWh per month can expect a total decrease of $3.11 to their monthly utility bill beginning with the February billing cycle,” Commissioner Bailey said. “We appreciate Entergy Mississippi’s continuing efforts to maintain competitive utility rates for homes and businesses. I applaud the dedication of utility companies in our state to provide reliable, affordable power in addition to the positive impacts they have on our economy and job growth.”

Commissioner Bailey concludes by stating, “Last January, I attended my first docket meeting as a new Commissioner. It has been an honor to serve as your Commissioner this past year and I along with my fellow Commissioners will continue the positive work of the Mississippi Public Service Commission.”


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