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MS Food Network site now offers geo-locator tool

MS Food Network

The Mississippi State University Extension Service partnered with the Mississippi Food Network (MFN) to develop a resource for Mississippians who are seeking food assistance.

The MFN website now offers a geo-locator tool that offers users the ability to search by location to find food pantries and food distribution events.

“By gathering this type of information and putting it all in one place, we increase opportunities for people to access nutritious food,” said David Buys, Extension health specialist. “The information is already being requested by other entities as a resource to help Mississippians find what they need quickly and efficiently.

“We are grateful for the partnership of MSU Extension Service,” said Cassandra Mobley, Director of Agency Relations at MFN, “this new tool on our website allows hungry Mississippians 24-hour access to information on where they can locate a food pantry close to them.”

The geo-locator tool is accessible at


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