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MSA Dance, Theatre, Vocal and Filmmaking Auditions

The Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) will be holding auditions for the Dance, Theatre, Vocal and Media Arts/Filmmaking Departments on June 10, 2020. Tenth graders apply online by June 3, 2020. The process for admission includes on-line application, and virtual or on-site audition and interview. Accepted students attend their Junior and Senior years of high school at MSA. If you know of students currently in the 10th grade who might be interested in dance, theatre, vocal music or filmmaking, please let them know about this opportunity. Applications are available on our website, MSA is a public statewide eleventh and twelfth grade residential high school located in Brookhaven, MS on the Historic Whitworth College campus. Annually, MSA enrolls approximately 140 students who meet and exceed the traditional Mississippi high school curriculum by receiving intensive instruction in dance, literary arts, theatre, visual arts, vocal music and media arts/filmmaking. MSA is a great school for those students who want to explore the arts in an extraordinary way. We also fill a special need for students with demonstrated talent that need a collegiate level learning experience in the arts that is not widely available across our state. In addition to MSA students consistently winning awards for their work on the state, regional and national levels, the school holds the #3 highest ACT average in the state and the college scholarship opportunities for graduating Seniors are amazing! For additional information and the application, visit our website at or email,


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