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New Website Provides Mississippi Teachers with Access to High-Quality Instructional Materials

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), in partnership with Mississippi First, has launched a new website for Mississippi teachers to increase teacher access to high-quality instructional materials.

The site, Mississippi Instructional Materials Matter, offers a centralized location for Mississippi math and social studies teachers to review high-quality, standards-aligned materials that have been evaluated and adopted by other Mississippi teachers and school districts. When teachers have access to high-quality instructional materials or curriculum, students succeed at a higher rate.

“We know the instructional materials teachers use are essential to ensuring student success in the classroom and beyond," said Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education. “The Mississippi Department of Education is dedicated to providing teachers and school districts with the tools and resources they need to evaluate and provide high-quality materials to our students.”

The new website provides resources about the materials selection process at the state and district levels. It also identifies the materials the MDE has reviewed and adopted as high-quality. Mississippi teachers can use this site to evaluate their current materials and find tools to encourage their district leaders to provide access to and training for standards-aligned materials. This will help teachers find instructional materials that meet student needs.

The MDE will finalize its high-quality instructional materials list and rubric for English Language Arts (ELA) by the end of 2020. Once formally adopted, the ELA materials will be uploaded to the site.

Visit Mississippi Instructional Materials Matter at


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