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New Wesson healthcare unit growing

New Wesson healthcare unit growing
Copiah Medical Associates staff – (left to right) Kristi Carney, Trish Coleman, Shaquille Claiborne, Karen Sue Boone and Shannon Armstrong -- accepts Chamber of Commerce Best New Business award from Britt Duguid (far right).

Since Dr. Steven Liverman retired from his long-time Wesson practice at the end of 2021, Copiah Medical Associates (CMA) has rapidly become the focal point of local healthcare.

“We are now seeing 20 to 30 patients daily and have a total patient load of 4,000 to 5,000,” says Karen Boone, the Family Nurse Practitioner who currently heads the staff at the Beech Street location where Dr. Liverman had served Wesson since 1984, first in partnership with Dr. Barton Friedman, his father-in-law, who retired in 2008 and left the practice to him.

“It was a group effort involving Dr. Liverman and our people that led CMA to locate its third Copiah County clinic in Wesson, assure ongoing service to existing patients coming there and establish another base for our own growth,” Boone says. “With Dr. Liverman’s consent, we can access his patients records as necessary.”

CMA, which recently merged with Copiah County Medical Center, established its first offices in Hazlehurst and expanded to Crystal Springs before opening in Wesson. Actually, it moved into the Beech Street building in fall 2021, taking over half of the space and operating part time. CMA is now serving the town full-time hours and renovated the space.

Comfortable waiting room at Wesson CMA.

The updated facility with modern furnishings and equipment includes a comfortable waiting area, laboratory, eight examination rooms and four treatment rooms for procedures, offices and storage space. CMA is renting out the second floor apartment, where Dr. Liverman and his wife once lived temporarily after he decided to settle in Wesson.

CMA services at the Wesson facility include laboratory work, wellness and chronic care management, acute care, emergency treatment. There is no x-ray equipment on site. Through Copiah County Medical Center, CMA can access cardio, orthopedic and GI care for its patients.

In addition to Boone, Shaquille Claiborne is a medical assistant and Trish Coleman and Teresa Davis handle data processing and billing at the Wesson location. “Sooner than later, we also expect to add a full-time physician to the staff,” says Boone.

At Wesson, CMA welcomes walk-ins as well as take appointments, and accepts all insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; and 8 a.m. to 12 noon Thursday.

Exam Room at CMA Wesson CMA features four Data processing at Wesson

treatment rooms CMA tracks 4,000 to 5,000



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