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Non-road shut down at park

A road is a road is a road!

Not so, say Wesson Aldermen.

Some motorists who visited the Wesson municipal park created a new road from the parking area on Church Street to Spring Street.

"They would enter the parking area from the east on Church Street and exit on the west on their non-road to Spring Street," Mayor Alton Shaw explained. "In truth, the park was not supposed to have separate entry and exit roads."

Mound of gravel blocks roadway motorists created at municipal park.

There were many complaints about use of the non-road and the Aldermen saw it as safety a hazard, Mayor Shaw said.

So the non-road is now no road by vote of the Aldermen.

"We've blocked off access to the west exit," Shaw said. "If you're going to the municipal park, there is just one way in and one way out."


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