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  • Daniella DiRienzo

Plan A Trip To Brookhaven, One Of Mississippi’s Best Small Towns

Posted in Mississippi August 08, 2022 by Daniella DiRienzo

There’s no doubt about it; Brookhaven is one of the best towns to visit in Mississippi. Touted as a “small, Southern town with a big personality,” it’s got lots to offer, including great food, history, things to do, and lots of charm, of course.

Brookhaven is often referred to as a “home seekers paradise.” That's not its only claim to fame, though. It's also one of the best towns to visit in Mississippi.

Visitors will find plenty to do in Brookhaven, which is located about 50 miles south of Jackson.

And visitors can learn all about that history by visiting Brookhaven’s museums.

In addition to the Lincoln County Historical and Jewish Heritage Museum, the town is home to the Military Memorial Museum.

Historic structures also help to keep Brookhaven’s history alive.

Buildings from yesteryear are scattered throughout the town, many of which are accompanied by informative signage.

Elegant 19th-century homes are also abundant.

A majority of the homes are nestled along Brookhaven’s Jackson Street, earning it the nickname “Mississippi's Most Victorian Street.”

History meets the arts at Brookhaven Little Theatre.

One of the longest continually running community theatres in the state, it’s been entertaining audiences for more than 50 years.

Of course, Brookhaven isn't completely stuck in the past.

Downtown boasts a bevy of shops and restaurants.

And with Lake Lincoln State Park just a short drive from Brookhaven, recreational opportunities are also plentiful.

Well, are you ready to experience Brookhaven firsthand? We thought so! Start planning your trip by checking out the Visit Brookhaven website.

So, do you agree? Is Brookhaven one of the best towns to visit in Mississippi? Ever been to Brookhaven? If so, what’d you think? Tell us!

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